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What pitch of roof?

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What-Pitch-of-RoofThis is either a matter of choice or is a factor in maximising the shading effect of the roof.

We build all our roofs no matter what the material with a minimum pitch of 3° so that rainwater runs off them. Many materials require a greater pitch than this to be weatherproof so they are immediately discounted where lower pitches are required from a design or aesthetic point of view.

Where the roof is to function as a shade for low winter sunlight on a south facing elevation then a steeper pitch can often be required to meet this need. This can often be worked out after a site visit or using sun path analysis tools for the site to ascertain the suns position during daylight hours over the course of a year.

We are happy to visit and discuss the performances of the various materials that can be used in terms of pitch and weatherproofing as well as discussing the shading needs of a particular site. Please just get in touch with us.

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