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Using the area below the outdoor roof

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blurb-4The starting point is to think about what you are going to do under your outdoor covered area or what the area underneath the outdoor roof is going to be used for.

Sitting areas, dining areas, hot tub or spa areas, games areas such as table tennis or snooker, ballroom dancing, drying washing, covered walkways, car rebuilds, outdoor stages are just a few of the uses that we have built outdoor roofs for over the years. Most of the uses that these areas are put to don`t require any additional thought or considerations at the design stage.

However, there are a few uses which do require some more design input.

Barbecuing, outdoor kitchens, fire pits etc. will create smoke and steam so it may be that the roof needs to be ventilated.

If the barbecue is built in with a flue or the outdoor kitchen cooker has a flue then these can be taken up and through the roof. Many of the projects we have undertaken have incorporated flues, chimneys, chimney breasts penetrating the roof.

Louvres open over table and seats, job not quite completed when photo takenOn several projects we have installed opening and closing louvred roof systems over barbecue areas, outdoor kitchens and dining areas so that heat and cooking smells can escape easily leaving the area underneath fresh and inviting. These roofs can be built around the chimney, flue or extractors so that when the roof is closed it is completely weatherproof.

Gas patio heaters and open flamed barbecues should not be placed directly under GRP, polycarbonate or timber lined roofs usually a one metre clearance is enough.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss what is the most suitable type of roof for your project.

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