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The roof orientation

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Roof Orientation 1 For shading this is a very important consideration and should be linked to the pitch of the roof.

Where the roof is going to be a solid and non-translucent one then there will be a small number of orientations and pitch which will give better shading than some others.

With louvreroofs then the shading potential can be maximised by considering not only the orientation and pitch of the Roof Orientation 2roof but also its position within the roof perimeter. That is the louvres don`t necessarily have to run parallel or at right angles to the roofs perimeter. They can be placed within the roof perimeter in any position to maximise shade.

This is important because the position of the sun changes with the seasons and what might work in the spring might not be so effective in the autumn or winter.

Please contact us to discuss the orientation of the roof over your external area.

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