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Frame materials

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Timber Frame

Timber Frame

With the exception of cantilevered roofs all outdoor roofs will require some sort of support or frame to hold it up.

In some cases this might be a simple pergola and in others it may need to be a more elaborate structure from an engineering or aesthetic point of view.

What the frame or support structure looks like or is made from can be a very personal choice and as such we have no standard frame types. As we have said before all the outdoor roofs that we make and build are bespoke and so when it comes to the support frame we can be as flexible as we need to be to give our customers what they want.

Over the years we supplied and made support frames and structures for our roofs from natural and engineered timber, structural composite materials, bamboo, steel, aluminum, bricks, blocks, natural and engineered stone and precast concrete.

Steel Frame

Steel Frame

If you would like to discuss a particular type of frame or structure or a type of material for an outdoor roof project then please don`t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Hybrid Steel &  Timber Frame

Hybrid Steel & Timber Frame

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