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Multiwall fixed translucent and opaque Light`n`Shade polycarbonate roofs for outdoor areas

In this page we can share with you a number of mini case studies covering as many aspects of the outdoor roofing solutions we provide as possible.  

Regents Park Community Pool – New roof and walls for swimming pool


36a Regents Park Community Pool – New roof and walls for swimming pool. The existing and decrepit swimming pool housing was dismantled and a new steel frame structure erected and designed to support the Sun Modul system on the roof and the wall. 25mm thick 500mm wide clear panels with a light transmission of 61% and “U” value of 1.55 W/m²K were fitted to the curved roof structure. The curves roof had a raised top section to allow ventilation in the swimming pool environment. The walls were clad with 25mm thick 500mm wide opaline panels with a light transmission of 51% and the same “U” value as the clear panels. Opaline panels were chosen for the 36b Regents Park Community Pool – New roof and walls for swimming pool.walls in order to give as much privacy as possible to the users of the pool.


Alperton Bus Station – Replacement of acrylic rooflights


Old and discoloured duo pitched acrylic rooflights were replaced as part of the overall roof refurbishment of this bus station near Wembley. Due to the discolouration and overall dirtiness of the roof panels light into the bus depot through the panels was virtually nil, as a consequence the lighting in all areas of this busy location had to be kept on at all times. The new roof lights were of a barrel vault configuration creating an excellent light tunnel effect cascading light into the interior of the bus station, the resulting effect was that the whole working environment was improved significantly, and, the lights could be switched most times during the day!


Dobbie’s Ashford – Fixed rooflights over garden centre building


The introduction of four 6.12m x 1m fixed rooflights over a sales area at the Dobbie’s garden centre at Melville, the introduction of the rooflights created much needed light into a dingy area of the sales area.


Perran Sands – Replacement of glass swimming pool roof


39 Perran Sands – Replacement of glass swimming pool roof.The existing glazed roofing on the swimming pool at this Cornish holiday park was replaced with Sun Modul panel creating a light and airy feel to the inside of the pool area and dealing with the worst of the weather on the north Cornish coast.


Senior Steel


10mm transparent Sun Modul was supplied to a local steel fabricator in Cheltenham to fit to a custom made 2.35m x 8m canopy for a domestic customer that they were working for.


St John’s School, Dorking – Outdoor play and study area


40 St John’s School, Dorking – Outdoor play and study area.16mm x 1000m wide Sun Modul sheets in Opaline were used to cover the canopy at St. Johns School in Dorking. All of the component parts including the sheets, glazing channels and fixing covers for the glazing channels were cut exactly to the required dimensions in the factory, in length of the sheets, channels and channel fixing covers were over 8m long in order to accommodate the length of the curves on this canopy. The result was the creation of a large, light and airy outdoor play and study at the school.


Truro Railway Station – replacement glass north lights


25mm x 500m were used replace the failed glazing on 103 linear metres of rooflights on Truro railway station providing additional light and keeping the station users and staff dry at the same time.


Etchingham Park Primary School – Link canopy


17m² of 16mm x 1000mm wide transparent Sun Modul was used to cover the link canopy at the newly built Etchingham primary School in East Sussex.


Marie Curie – Over roofing flat entrance canopy with curved barrel vault


Marie Curie Hospice 1On site carpenters who had never fixed Sun Modul before made an excellent job of creating a barrel vault canopy over an old flat roofed and unwelcoming entrance canopy at the Marie Curie Hospice in Glasgow. 52m² of 16mm thick, 500mm wide transparent sheets with all of the required glazing channels and fitting were supplied to complete the project.

Marie Curie Hospice 2


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