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Large structural Light`n`Shade canopies/roofs

Liberty Building, University of Leeds, Faculty of Law

liberty-BuildingThe design of the new faculty of law building at the University of Leeds called for a Brise Soleil canopy to be constructed at the top of the front elevation to provide some shading into the building. Although the canopy roof was of a lightweight nature the necessary supports required to meet the structural loadings would have dominated the front of the building and the entrance to the building. It was decided to use spun concrete columns instead of poured concrete columns as these offered superior loading capacities and were significantly smaller in diameter than in situ cast columns.

The result is a Brise Soleil canopy that is supported by 7m tall elegantly slender columns that add to the features to the entrance to the building rather than obscure it.

The Liberty Building has won several awards and is ranked 5th in the world of the most impressive Law school buildings. Best Choice Schools says: “opened in 2011, the Liberty Building at the University of Leeds is a modern architectural masterpiece composed of spun concrete pillars and glass.”

Coleridge College, Cambridge

coleridgeThe design of the Great Hall at Coleridge College, Cambridge called for an internal canopy running along the inside of the building supporting part of the roof. Spun concrete columns were used here to reduce the size and impact of the structural elements within what would be a busy thoroughfare within the school. The columns offered a greater strength with a smaller footprint and because of the method of manufacture were already smooth and attractive meaning that no casings or on-going painting or other maintenance would be needed during their lifetime.

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