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Sliding roofs for outdoor areas

Domestic Sliding Swimming Pool Cover

Sliding Swimming Pool RoofThis customer had an existing outdoor swimming pool. For a lot of the year it was enjoyed to the full by all their family and friends. However, during winter months the pool was not used as much due to bad weather.

A permanent roof would have meant that the pool could not be enjoyed to the full during the rest of the year so a sliding curved roof was designed and installed which gave the best of both worlds. There is a solid wall at one end of the pool and the sliding sections of roof stack up against this end so that the wall can support the weight of all the sections when the roof is open.

The customer has found that the swimming pools heating costs and cleaning costs have dramatically reduced during the winter months with the new roof.

Commercal Sliding Swimming Pool Cover

Sliding Swimming Pool Roof 2An hotel owning group wanted to extend the use of its attractive swimming pool at one of its hotels throughout the year for their guests. There already was a concrete structure built around the pool with open sides and it was felt that the area should remain open as there were very good views available from all around the swimming pool.

The width of the swimming pool meant that a duo pitch structure had to be designed to accommodate the span and loadings which were required for a roof of this size. the roof was split into sections with the option of the roof sections being stacked at either end of the pool when the roof was open.

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