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Welcome to Light 'n' Shade

Specialised outdoor roofs

Light`n`Shade is the outdoor roofing brand name for Gilkicker`s range of outdoor/external roofing products and services. We specialise in making, supplying and installing outdoor roofs for external spaces such as terraces, decks, patios, alfresco dining areas, beer gardens, barbecue areas, hot tubs outdoor kitchens or for any other type of activity where the adaptability of flexible, controllable, and adjustable roofs is the ideal solution for you.

To make the right roof and structure we use our experience, knowledge and a wide variety of skills and techniques to meet the needs that you want to obtain from your external covered space.

To help you learn more about outdoor roofing we list a number of tips, hints and advice gleaned from our experience over the years of working in the area of external roofing. These tips and hints are a result of advising customers and overcoming obstacles on some of the hundreds of external roof projects that we have completed. We cover such topics as maximising shading, roof orientation, the type of light (diffuse or direct) coming through an external roof, drainage, roof pitch, ventilation, types of structure, coping with adjoining building features such as chimney breasts or bay windows and many other important aspects of a successful outdoor roofing project.

Thank you very much for supplying the Light ‘n’ Shade roof system for our patio. We are very pleased with it, as it had given us a nice dry covered area to access our garage during the winter months. Having a south facing garden we are looking forward to the warmer weather when we can use it to its full potential, as our patio gets very hot during the summer, it will be very practical being able to open the louvers when needed, but still have some shade.
This system has enhanced our patio area, and looks good too. The cost, including the frame, is less than we were quoted for a glass canopy. We would certainly recommend it to our friends and family. Mr and Mrs D, Charfield Gloucester

The best in outdoor living for homes

Design your perfect outdoor space with Light ‘n’Shade

Bespoke, adaptable outdoor spaces

Designed to fit your space exactly…

Fun in the sun, safe from the elements

Hot tubs, play areas, outdoor kitchens whatever the weather…

Endless variety

We make our outdoor roofs in all sorts of shapes, sizes and roof pitches. We also make them in a variety of styles and from a wide range of materials so that they provide the functionality that you need to successfully enjoy the external areas around your home or business.

Guiding you all the way

From visiting our website we hope you will be able to learn more about outdoor roofing. We will explain some of the challenges and decisions that you will have to consider when you are thinking about an outside covered area. We will also describe the main types of outdoor roof and the various materials that we use to create them.

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Pubs and Restaurants - make your outdoor space pay - rain hail or shine

Light 'n' Shade offers bespoke outdoor spaces with all types of roof configurations including opening and closing louvred roofs.


  • Designed to fit any space and spec
  • Worry free operation & maintenance
  • Start small, scale up


I’m happy to say; The supply and resulting construction of the Light ‘n’ Shade system has exceeded our expectations and really has transformed our decking and pergola area into virtually another room. We’ve been very happy with the product and diligent support provided by Gilkicker. Mr B, Salisbury

Safe space for nurseries and care homes

Light ‘n’ Shade offers adaptable safe spaces for play or outdoor activities

  • Limit time spent in the sun
  • Privacy maintained
  • Safety paramount

Found some inspiration?

We hope that you can get some inspiration from our project case studies in which we describe some of the projects we have worked on over the years. Where possible and we have our customers permission we can give you indicative costs for these projects or our part in them. This will hopefully assist you when considering your own budget for your outdoor covered roof project. Please just get in touch with us and let us know which project you would like the costing information for.

Would a demonstration help?

After visiting our site if you still have any unanswered questions or you require more detail then please contact us. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience about roofing external areas and we would be happy to assist you with your project. Many of the projects highlighted in the case studies came about as a result of us carrying out an on-site demonstration and if you think this might be something which could help you then please contact us to discuss this.


See our short demo at the Ideal Home Exhibition

Would you like to see more?

Watch a full 25 minute demo of Andy and John in action demonstrating a roof build with the DIY Doctor.
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