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How much space to cover?

The whole area or just part for now and extend later?

Would you like more tips and advice?

How Much Space to Cover 1If you have an existing pergola or frame then the answer is obvious and that will be that you will probably want to cover the whole area. If there is no frame and you are looking at a potential outside area or an existing patio, deck or terrace then there is a decision to be made.

Most people’s first thought is to cover the whole patio, deck or terrace area. However, we suggest that careful consideration is given to whether this is necessary or not. All the roofs we make are bespoke and so can be added to and extended at a later date. We know of several customers who went ahead and covered large areas and have later wished that they had left some of the area uncovered for a number of reasons.

Customers’ needs and desires vary enormously and the size of the areas we have covered has varied from a small 1.8 x 1.8m area so that two seats and a small table can be accommodated, through to areas much larger where a number of people can dine under the roof.

home-slide-2The important thing to consider is what you are going to use the area under the roof for most of the time and use that as your starting point when considering how much area to cover. We can make the roofs in any size and shape and we get just as much pleasure and satisfaction from building a small quadrilateral shaped roof as we do making a large square or rectangular one.

Something else to consider if you have a large external area and you don`t know how much of it to cover is to have a mobile external roof. What we have done for some customers is to build a canopy frame with a roof on it and mount the frame on castors or wheels (with locking mechanisms) so it can be moved around the outside area. The frame can be fitted with any of our roofs and materials.

Contact us if you would like to discuss what we can do when part covering an outdoor area or extending a previously covered area.

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