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Light ‘n’ Shade opening and closing louvre roof system was used as part of a major improvement to the outdoor areas of a lovely family home in Peterborough. The system was used on an outdoor dining, entertaining and relaxation area and also over the hot-tub. We supplied the Light ‘n’ Shade system to the builder who was used to carry out the extensive works and liaised throughout in order to achieve a smooth interface between the frame and our roof.

The comments from the client’s builder probably say it all, please see below:

“All finished – looks amazing now! He is over the moon with it and said he can’t believe how much time he spends out there, he thought at the time it was an expensive luxury but now feels it is well worth the money and enhances how he lives. I am just waiting for him to get a tv to put on the wall. I was working under there on one of our hottest days doing the scaffold board cladding and couldn’t believe how cool it was!

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