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Gilkicker’s Light`n`Shade opening and closing louvre roof system was used as part of a £1.2m refurbishment of The Society Rooms in Stalybridge, Manchester`s when a new beer garden was added to the pub`s facilities.

Gilkicker worked very closely with Architects CT and the main contractor (Medlock FRB) to ensure that a smooth interface was achieved when the roof was fitted to the well-crafted timber frame which was supplied and installed by Medlock FRB for the project.

John and Andy visited the site several times while Medlock FRB were progressing the project to discuss the Light`n`Shade installation with the site manager and his team. Because of all the landscaping work being carried out towards the end of the project it was decided to install the Light`n`Shade roof at the end of the project programme and on the agreed date Gilkicker were on hand to offer instruction and support. Everything went very smoothly and the 22m² roof was installed in under three hours which was much quicker than Medlock FRB had programmed for the installation.

This wasn`t a surprise to Gilkicker who know that the Light`n`Shade system is very quick to install as most of the work is done in the factory where each roof is made to order. The onsite part of the process involved assembling the pre-made components which cannot be put together in the factory as to do so would make the final delivery difficult because of transport restrictions.

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