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How better to finish off a beautiful contemporary garden than to add a Light`n`Shade opening and closing louvre roof system on the pergola covering the hot tub?

Mr and Mrs Gray had paid a great deal of attention to all the details in the remodelling of their garden. So, it was no surprise that they spent a great deal of time and effort researching all the possible roofing solutions for their existing pergola. After a lot of discussions with several manufacturers and suppliers of roofing systems they decided to purchase a Light`n`Shade opening and closing roof. They really liked the functionality that the Light`n`Shade system gave them and the fact that an opening and closing roof system could be installed within the existing pergola structure rather than on top of it was what finally made them chose Light`n`Shade from Gilkicker Ltd. Unlike most other retrofit solutions this feature of the Light`n`Shade system meant that the louvre beams could be installed discreetly behind the beams of the existing structure. The finished result is very pleasing and everyone who visits and sees the Light`n`Shade system in place comments on how well it looks and works, keeping people dry in wet weather when it is closed but letting everyone enjoy the sunlight when it is dry and fair.

The 2.6m x 2.6m roof was manufactured in RAL 7030 (Stone Grey) to match other architectural features and colours around the home.

The addition of the Light`n`Shade roof means that the Gray family can use their hot tub in all weathers allowing them even more of an opportunity to appreciate all the hard work they have put into their garden.

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