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Donkey Field Pre School: Case Study:

Gilkicker became involved in this project for Donkey Field Pre School as a consequence of recommendations from two previous customers who had Light`n`Shade canopies and roofs supplied several years ago, they were Huggett’s Day Nursery and David Gresham House sheltered accommodation.

Both customers are still getting much satisfaction and use from their Light`n`Shade roofs and so had no reservations in recommending the system to Donkey Field Pre School.

Donkey Field Pre School had a very nice outside area adjacent to a classroom. However, because of a lack of shelter the area could not be fully utilised during wet or hot weather meaning the children could not spend as much time as they would have liked outdoors and in the fresh air.

Gilkicker met with Coral Lindsay the manager at Donkey Field in October 2017 where the options were discussed and it was arranged that a local company would build the timber frame and Gilkicker would fabricate and supply the Light`n`Shade opening and closing roof. Gilkicker liaised fully with Andy Tugby the local carpenter who built the frame and at the end of February after a heavy snowfall the roof was fitted on to the frame to the delight of all at Donkey Field.

Like Huggets Day Nursery, Coral at Donkey Field chose a dual colour option going for Donkey Field Pre Schools readily identifiable colours of red and yellow to match the schools image and branding.

Subsequent conversations with Coral have been very interesting, not only are the children able to play outside more but the canopy is also proving to be very valuable as an outside classroom and teaching resource, climbing plants are been grown up the support posts and rainwater from the roof is being harvested, measured and then used in a variety of ways from watering plants to being used in play.

All in all a very successful project and a lovely group of people to be involved with!


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